The best worst Discord bot to ever exist.


Prisma has music capabilities, so everyone in your Discord server can enjoy some sick beats.

Levels & XP

With the latest XP features, no one in your server will feel left out. Features include XP per message, leveling system, and custom images for your profile.

Fun Commands

Prisma comes straight-out-of-the-box with fun commands, of which include the classic Connect 4, Cleverbot, Urban Dictionary, and even a Fidget Spinner.

Image Manipulation

Ever thought of changing an image directly within Discord? Well now you can! Prisma can blur, rotate, change the contrast, implode, invert, or grayscale an image. Does your Dyno bot do that?

Moderation & User Management

Remember those nerds who jump right into your server, and instantly start spamming Discord invite links? Well not anymore! Prisma includes the latest and greatest features in moderation technologies.